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  • No software to download or install. You can sign into HotCandlestick from any unrestricted Internet connection.

  • HotCandlestick.com has provided this candlestick pattern data service since early 2001.

  • Powerful searching and sorting of extensive databases that are updated daily. The HotCandlestick service provides end of day daily, weekly and intraday candlestick analysis of stocks traded on the United States and Canadian exchanges. Index and sector ETFs and ETNs included. FOREX major currency pairs included.

  • Members can access historical data directly from the "Today's Top Longs (BUY THEN SELL) & Shorts (SELL THEN BUY) pages". View details of actual 10-day results of securities listed as top long and short trades. Win/Loss ratio included. This list is updated daily and is the first screen members see after logging in. Members can quickly & easily add these stocks to their portfolio tracker to see what happens to the price over the coming days. Immediately after logging in members see a pull down menu to select the time period to lookup the historical data.

    • Search and sort our history databases of thousands of securities.

    • Symbol Lookup

    • Back-test candlestick patterns to get an idea of how profitable they might have been had you traded them.

    • Intraday candlestick displayed on every chart and marked if a candlestick has formed BEFORE the market closes.

    • To avoid displaying less meaningful signals that are generated by thinly traded securities, only securities averaging at least 120,000 shares / day and have an average close of at least $1 / share for the previous 14 days are considered by HotCandlestick.com in scans for candlestick patterns.

    • Find which candlestick patterns have worked best for a long or short position of a particular ticker symbol. Or, find what candle patterns have worked best for a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or overall 5 day trade.

  • Quickly find how many of a particular candlestick pattern appeared today.
    View today's candle patterns.

  • 3 main forms are available to search the databases. The 1st form allows members to search/sort for daily candle patterns found since 1992. The 2nd form allows members to search/sort weekly candle patterns since 1992. The 3rd form allows you to search for candle patterns that have worked best for particular ticker symbols (uses entire history database since 1992).

  • Daily candlestick email alerts that you can enable or disable. These alerts contain no advertisements.

  • Easy navigation: Each time you chart a stock the top navigation area is replaced with information related to that stock.

  • Login, go to the "Chart Watch" page to find the last 1-3 candle patterns found for all ticker symbols you have saved in your portfolios and choose your preferred sort order.

  • Charting: You can enter a ticker, then the intraday chart and the 3-month chart with lots of user defined technical indicators will appear. You will also see the most recent daily candlestick pattern found for the ticker you enter.

  • Customize your member pages (save custom candlestick scans, email alerts, portfolios, link buttons at the top, and page background colors).

  • Portfolio manager included - no separate signup...Customize portfolios using HotCandlestick's portfolio tracker. It allows you to track your stocks and candlestick pattern trades. Click here to see screenshot.

  • $18.00 / 30 days, $45.90 / 90 days, or $151.20 / year. We never see or store credit card information. And, we absolutely will never release or sell your personal information to anyone. You can trust that your personal information is secure. Paypal is our out-sourced payment provider. You can cancel your membership at any time yourself by logging into Paypal and canceling the subscription.

    Click here to signup now.

    If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service within the first 30 days then use the support form to request a refund of your first subscription payment and we will issue the refund then cancel your subscription, no questions asked. Refund must be requested within the 1st 30 days. Limit 1 refund per subscriber. Refund is available only for the first payment. If you need a refund then you must request one.

  • Tax Deduction: You may be able to deduct 100% of your subscription fee as an investment expense.

Members have full access to the 3 HotCandlestick.com databases directly through their web browser. Databases are searchable and sortable via 3 simple search forms on the 'Search Databases' page.

So have a look around and sign up today!

Snapshot of our charts...

Below is a snapshot of the top longs list (updated daily). Members can access historical data directly from the "Today's Top Longs & Shorts pages". View details of actual 10-day results of securities listed as top long and short trades. Win/Loss ratio included. Immediately after logging in you will see a pull down menu to select the time period to lookup historical data.

What's HotCandlestick.com all about?

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