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PulteGroup Inc. - Daily Chart

PHM daily chart
Date Last 3 Daily Candle Patterns Strength
5-May-2017 Bullish Ladder Bottom 83.6
25-April-2017 Bearish Three Outside Down 18.4
24-April-2017 Bearish Engulfing 11.4

PulteGroup Inc. (PHM) is beating the overall market this year, roughly tripling the performance of the S&P 500. However it has pulled back about 8.5% from the recent high. The daily chart of PHM above shows a Bullish Ladder Bottom candlestick pattern after recent price declines. Could the Bullish Ladder Bottom pattern indicate a short term reversal? As with any stock there are always many factors, technical and fundamental at play that affect price action.

Let's take a look at the weekly and monthly charts...

PulteGroup Inc. - Weekly Chart

PHM weekly chart
PulteGroup Inc. - Monthly Chart

PHM monthly chart

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