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You can give your visitors instant access to candlestick patterns found on the charts of thousands of companies listed on the US stock markets as well as the Forex (currency) market by including a link to HotCandlestick.com from your website.

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Here's a free tool to drive traffic to your site. It's the ticker based candlestick pattern identification tool you see in the top-left navigation bar. Just copy and paste the following code directly into as many pages on your web site as you wish. Feel free to modify the html code to fit your site's colors and style.

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Title: HotCandlestick.com - Daily Candlestick Chart Analysis

Description: Candlestick stock chart pattern analysis, candlestick charts, Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Charts, candlestick patterns, Daily and Weekly top lists, free candlestick portfolio tracker, Email alerts, stock charts with Fibonacci retracement lines.

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